Samantha began her musical journey with the band known as ‘Zenith’ in 2008. A collaboration between herself, and fellow musician John Tierney. With the release of their e.p ‘Fade’ received interest. Zenith were known for producing haunting melodies, with Samantha powerful vocal. John went on to discover new things, and Samantha continued the band set-up on her own which lead to a final entry at ‘Live, and unsigned in 2011.

In 2010 Samantha collaborated with the dance label Soul Shaker, and produced the dance hit ‘Caught In A Storm’. This received excessive airplay around the world. It reached number eight in the official dance charts, then number 12 in the American Dance Charts. From this she got to star on a Diana Yukawa track. Known as the famous violin player from China. She continued to work on her solo album, working with several producers, including the incredible Mike Cooling. Together they created ‘Midnight Blue’. This is currently being promoted, and will lead to live gigs. Here Sam will share old, and new creations so watch the website for more details….an new album is on the way ; ).